Test mode (sandbox)

Do you have a test mode (sandbox)?

Yes, our test mode site is https://merchant-testmode.fizen.io/signup

You can use test mode without having to be whitelisted.

What is test mode (sandbox)?

Test mode accounts run on a staging environment and use the testnet blockchain. It enables you to confirm that your integration works correctly, and simulate transactions without moving any real money.

Integration guide using test mode:

WooCommerce: Fizen Pay Installation Guideline for WooCommerce - Test mode.pdf

PrestaShop: Fizen Pay Installation Guide for Prestashop - Test mode account.pdf

Test mode accounts are separated from merchant mainnet accounts, so when you are ready to create a merchant mainnet account, you will have to register for another account. Please contact business@fizen.io to get whitelisted to go mainnet when you're ready!

Where can I get testnet tokens to use test mode (sandbox)?

All payments in test mode use testnet tokens.

You can use our Telegram bot to get testnet tokens: https://t.me/fizen_get_test_tokens_bot Available testnet tokens: BNB, USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, ADA, SHIB, DOGE, XRP, TRX, KAVA, …

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