The invoicing feature lets you easily request crypto payments from your customers immediately and without any integration.

On Invoices page, you can manage your payments, track your invoice and payment status, and review your transaction history all in one place.

How do I create and send an invoice?

You can send an invoice through a self-hosted link using our tools.

To create and send an invoice:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account, go to Invoices page.

  • Step 2: Click Create invoice button

  • Step 3: On Create new invoice model, input Amount, Customer email, Customer name, Memo (customer name and memo are optional), click Create invoice

  • Step 4: Copy the invoice link and send it to your customer.

Once your customer receives the link, they’ll be able to review the invoice details and complete payment.

Where can I view all of my invoices?

You can view all of your invoices and their status on the Invoices page.

Select the individual invoice to view more details.

Can I cancel an invoice?

Only invoices with a New status can be voided. If you’d like to cancel an invoice, select that invoice from your Invoices page, click Void invoice, and confirm the action.

Once complete, the invoice link will be expired. Your customer will not be able to send payment to that invoice anymore. You’ll need to create a new invoice if a payment is still needed.

In the rare event that a payment is made as you void an invoice, the payment would still be delivered to you. If you do not want the payment and would like to refund your customer, please contact your customer and handle the refund manually.

What is an “expired” invoice?

If we do not detect a payment for an invoice within 24 hours of its creation, it is marked as expired.

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