How does Fizen Pay work? What can I do with my cryptocurrency?

As a non-custodial crypto payment gateway, Fizen Pay enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments anytime and anywhere.
How this works
  • When you want to pay a merchant, we will give instructions for sending the funds directly to the merchant and monitor the blockchain for your transaction.
  • We will notify the merchant when a valid payment is detected so that they can take the required action from their side.
All payments handled by Fizen Pay are non-custodial and peer-to-peer. The cryptocurrency goes directly from your wallet to a merchant's smart contract, so that they can withdraw funds from it to their own wallet whenever they want. Fizen Pay cannot access these funds.

How can I receive a refund? Can Fizen Pay refund me?

Please contact the merchant directly if you would like a refund.
All cryptocurrency transactions are direct peer-to-peer payments from a customer to a merchant, which means once a payment is made, Fizen Pay cannot reverse the transaction or reclaim a payment on your behalf. Therefore, we are unable to resolve payment disputes as the transactions are irreversible and secured by the blockchain.

I haven’t received the item I bought. Can Fizen Pay help me?

Please contact the merchant directly for an update on your order status or any other issues.
As transactions made with cryptocurrency are direct peer-to-peer payments from the customer to the merchant, there is no way for Fizen Pay to reverse the transaction or reclaim payments on your behalf. As a result, we cannot resolve payment disputes because transactions are secured by the blockchain and are irreversible.

How can I keep track of my order ? Where can I find my receipt?

Fizen Pay generates a 12 character order ID for each charge to help with tracking payments and status updates.
There are two locations where this code can be found:
  • While making a payment: on the URL:*:CODE
  • After a payment has been processed: The code ID is on the receipt.
To see your receipt, please visit*:CODE
*:CODE is replaced with your 12-character order ID.

Last modified 1yr ago